One magical inheritance. Two estranged sisters.
Three vengeful dragons.

From Urban Fantasy Author

Tanya Miranda


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The Box Of Souls

She was denied her grandmother’s magic. Now, her resentment threatens all. 

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The Family Relics Trilogy Book 2 - The Onyx Ring
The Family Relics Trilogy Book 3 - The Dragon Amulet
The Family Relics Trilogy Book 1 - The Box Of Souls
"Tanya Miranda has a definite story-telling ability and I can definitely recommend this book to fans of the fantasy genre, or just plain action/adventure fans."
— 5-STAR Review of The Onyx Ring on Reader's Favorite

"The narrative is action-packed with a plot that moves at a blistering pace, taking unexpected twists and turns to keep your eyes glued to the pages."
— 5-STAR Review of The Dragon Amulet on Reader's Favorite
5-stars on Reader's Favorite!
Readers Favorite Book Review and Award Contest

Ancient Secrets. Forbidden Magic. Total Chaos.

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"I couldn't put it down till I was done!"

Dragons and destruction.  'Nuff said.